Richard Perceval Graves

Richard Perceval Graves is an acclaimed lecturer and writer with more than 17 published books

He has lectured at leading literary festivals including those at Cheltenham, Hay-on-Wye, Hull and Toronto.

He has also lectured to the Housman, Powys and Robert Graves Societies and to numerous 6th forms including those of Adcote School for Girls,  Lancing College,  Malvern College,  Radley College,  Portsmouth Grammar School,  Sedbergh School,  Shrewsbury School  and Wellington College.

His lectures are lively and stimulating and have often been called 'charismatic'. His subjects include 'Changing Perceptions: The Poets and World War One', which is a vivid and illuminating introduction to the poetry of the First World War. You can read some testimonials from schools here.


My aim as a lecturer is not just to tell my audience about the past, not just to make them think about it, but to make it live again in front of their eyes. A lecture of mine is therefore conceived as not only an intellectual but also a dramatic entertainment.

So I bring to life literary personalities - setting them in their time and their place - and encourage my audience to engage with the human dilemmas of people who previously may have been no more than names on a book cover or at the end of a printed page. And a greater understanding of the writers as human beings usually leads to a deeper appreciation of their work.

~ Richard Perceval Graves ~