Fees & Terms

Fees & Terms

The standard lecture fee in each case is £1500 ($1850) plus expenses.

These expenses must cover travelling costs and an overnight stay either before or after the lecture.

Travel may be by train or by car.

If it is by train, you will be charged the standard return rail fare between Bristol and the nearest railway station to the place of the lecture, together with the cost of a taxi journey between the station and the place of the lecture, if no-one is free to collect RPG from the station.

If it is by car, then RPG will ask for the standard mileage charge offered by your establishment to cover his petrol costs in both directions.

Appropriate accommodation must also be provided, except for lectures within 20 miles of Bristol. The arrangements should include an evening meal, somewhere to stay for the night, and breakfast the following morning. For a morning lecture this would be the night before the lecture, for an afternoon or evening lecture, this would be the night following the lecture.

Please do not have a cheque waiting. On his return home, RPG will issue an invoice under the 'GWS Media Limited' letter-head.